Nashoba Valley Spirits

Return Policy

Nashoba wines & spirits and beers are stored in a temperature-controlled environment and are in excellent condition upon leaving the winery. We always invite you 10 taste current vintages of wines prior to purchase as there can be differences between each batch purchased. 

At Nashoba we stand behind our products and we are happy 10 issue a replacement or refund for any bottles or wine or spirits returned WITHIN 45 DAYS of the date of purchase. 

ANY bottles suspected of flaws MUST BE RETURNED 10 Nashoba for inspection and verification by our wine experts. 

You must return the bottle with at least½ of the wine or spirit remaining in the bottle. Please make sure to keep the bottle. its unused contents, and the original cork and return it to our shoppe. 

Store credit only ,viii be given for returns of open bottles provided they are accompanied by a receipt or proof of purchase within the last45 days and are from the current wine or spirit vintage. 

MoneUlry refunds will only be given on unopened bottles of wine or spirits for the current wine vintage that were purchased within the last 45 days. 

Consumers should be aware that Massachusetts stores and other retail establishments can establish any return policy they wish, including a policy of not allowing any returns. as long as the policy is posted in a conspicuous place where the consumer is able 10 see it at the time of purchase. 

Store credit only will be given for return of food items provided they are accompanied by a receipt or proof of purchase within the last 7 days. 

Other Retail Items (Non-food, wine, spirit., beer or beverage) items can be returned for a store credit provided that: